Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I feel like I've seen this get up before..."

"... do you ride near APU a lot?" I saw my friend Zac on a trail near Campbell Tract and stopped to talk him. He said this after looking me up and down and pointing to my boots. And then for the very first time, I realized how ridiculous I look when I bike in the winter.

Anytime someone calls your outfit a "get up" it's usually not a good thing. I had to laugh. So I took this picture for my own benefit and so that I could capture the full view. After a lot of tweaking this is what I have come up with for the most comfortable and functional outfit for winter biking and commuting.

I just can't believe I walk into the Atwood building like this every morning. I have a problem of thinking about fashion last these days. Comfort and being warm is key. But not too warm, hence the tights tucked into the oversized boots.

So when Zac said he's seen this get up before, and after looking at myself in the full length mirror, I knew that it had to be me that he saw. Because well, who else would wear this in public.


Tim said...

An active woman in functional bike-riding gear = hot!

Posing for a self-portrait by the toilet = not so hot!

JordyB said...

Good one Tim! ;p

Julie said...

Ha! It's the only full length mirror I have. Should have photoshopped the toilet out. :)

Tim said...

Check out that full magazine bin. And what's that in the middle, "War and Peace" or something?