Monday, April 27, 2009

The Champagne Brunch - The end of winter

Last weekend was the 25th Annual Champagne Brunch held by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol up in Hatcher's Pass. I have been to this ski party before but have never fully dressed up in "formal wear", so this year Laura and I decided to go all out.

We found the two most perfectly awful dresses at Value Village...

Ya just gotta love her taffeta puffs shining in the sunshine.

We had a mix of clouds, snow, and wind, but all of this eventually gave way to an intense Alaskan spring sun. I think I actually got a little bit of a tan!

It's that time of year that we are all amazed at the length of the days. Despite the fact that we go through this every year, it never ceases to amaze me the amounts of sunlight we get here even in April. I heard one women exclaim, "It's 6 o'clock at night?!!!!" Surprised to look up at the sun hanging out above us in the sky.

On the ski down it felt like my dress was getting heavier and heavier. I finally stopped to check it out and after pulling up my skirt, I realized that about 10 pounds of snow was balling up in my taffeta dress liner. These are the hazards of skiing in a ball gown. (Did you ever think I would use the word taffeta twice in one post on this blog?)

It's been a good winter, but I am so ready for summer. No matter how much you love winter, an Alaskan winter can wear you down with darkness and cold and the longevity of it all. And just when you think it's over you still have to wait for melting and then cleanup and then finally, finally the trees will start to bud and the grass will start to grow green sometime in May. Then within a week the city of Anchorage will be socked in with green everywhere. It's amazing how fast it happens.

Here is what the city looks like right now...

I'll post another picture in two weeks to compare.


The Old Bag said...


We were up in Hatcher Pass last summer around the end of June -- quite a different look.

I'm with you in being surprised at how long day in MN we've got sun until after 8:00 right now (winter sunset is around 4:15...bleck).

Wasatch Girl said...

HA HA HA! I love the picture of the taffeta dresses. Seriously, that just made my whole day.
Rachel (aka The CragBaby)

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