Friday, November 7, 2008

Good to know

I finally got enough energy to get out the door at 3pm today. Being my Friday off I had all kinds of plans for hiking or skiing all day in order to wear out my misbehaving dog, but when I woke up I was still feeling sick. So I hung around the house and read some books, took a few naps and cooked some soup.

At 3:30 I arrived at Upper Huffman trail head with the intention of riding my bike up the powerline trail. I didn't get very far before I had to push. It was just a bit too steep and a bit too soft for my little 2.3 tires to make it. But I knew the ride down would be fun so I continued to push my bike.

Niko kept disappearing into the bushes every few minutes every time racing out back to me to make sure I was there. By 4:45 the sun had started to set over the inlet so I decided I had pushed far enough. I stopped to take some pictures of the sunset and was crouching down behind my bike when Niko came tip-toeing out of the bushes next to me. He then pranced slowly down the trail with his ears back and tail between his legs.

That's odd I thought and continued to snap one more photo. At that moment I heard a loud roar coming from the bushes where Niko came out. He had pissed something off in there and he knew it. It was an unmistakable roar of a bear. I grabbed my bike and tried to slowly walk away while facing the bushes where the noise came from. I just wanted to get out of the immediate area without pissing it off further.

As soon as I was a safe distance from the area, I got on my bike and hauled ass down the Powerline Trail. I have never ridden my bike so fast, not even in a race. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure I was not being chased. Niko was very obediently running in front of my bike and kept looking back to make sure I was there.

So I guess it is safe to say that the bears are not yet sleeping or whatever it is that they do at this time of year. I have heard rumors of a few black bears up on Hillside eating garbage, but this one really sounded like a brown bear. I can also say that I never want to hear that sound again.

Thinking back it was funny how Niko quietly exited the area. I suppose that is the best reaction he could have had.


Tim said...

Holy crap. I went for a ride with the MacHubers today, and carried my pepper spray for the first time in weeks. This post makes me glad I did.

Glad you and Niko came out with nothing worse than frayed nerves.

Manny said...

Be careful out there, they are still out. I was on the new STA trails a few days ago and saw a brownie.

Glad that you and Niko made it out ok and safe....

Jill said...

Wow. Scary out there!

Doesn't that make at least two close calls with grizzlies this year for you?

laura said...

There is a big sign dated a few days ago up at Far North Bicentennial Park about bears seeing out and about and I was surprised...I guess I shouldn't have been!

Monkee said...

"Glad you and Niko came out with nothing worse than frayed nerves." Hah! Niko is still trying to figure out why that big "dog" was so GRUMPY when it woke up.