Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Alaska Ice Climbing Festival

This year at the MCA Ice Climbing Festival in September, I learned about my friend Jayme's plans to host a winter Ice Climbing Festival in South Central Alaska. Jayme is a super cool climber chick who has been running the MCA Ice Festival for over 5 years, and does an awesome job coordinating all of the volunteers, gear and students on the Matanuska Glacier every September.

I have been looking for a side project to work on and wanted to get some more experience with web design (at work I mostly do back end coding and don't really design anything). So I offered to take on the website for the Alaska Ice Climbing Festival.

Most of October and the first half of November I have spent tweaking the design, working with my friend Dean, who created the graphics. Last night the site went live. Right now only the home page has content, but the design is finished, and we just need to fill in the details on the other pages.

Check it out... Alaska Ice Climbing Festival

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