Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling sluggish

I have been feeling sluggish all week. I cut down my mileage drastically this week to rest up for Lost Lake (which is tomorrow, yay!), but instad of feeling strong I feel worse. They say some people need less of a taper than others and I guess I just need to experiment with that. My body has gotten used to running and biking a certain mileage every week for the past two months and taking that away seems to have screwed everything up. Or maybe my body is just working hard to repair itself from all of the training.

I went out for a three mile run on Wednesday night and despite the fact that I had eaten well that day and had a snack an hour before I ran, I felt like my blood sugar dropped low after just 20 minutes of running. I felt weak, and just wanted to lay down. I have been fighting off a cold this week that started with sneezing and headaches, so I think that is part of my problem. The good news is, I have not had any pain in my hips and lower back for about a week.

It's nice to be able to stop thinking about training and just focus on the race now. I am not too worried about my time, I'm just excited to be able to get to run in the mountains for a few hours tomorrow on the Lost Lake trail. Lately my favorite days have been when I park at a trailhead in the Chugach with no set plan and just run and hike around in the mountains for a few hours. No schedule, no agenda, no to do list. So I'm hoping tomorrow will be something like that.

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gemini said...

I regret doing nothing this weekend after a 70km week. This morning it stormed as I got ready to tackle a run!