Sunday, August 10, 2008

Devil's Pass training

Went down to the Kenai for another training ride yesterday. This time we decided to only do Devil's up to the cabin and back down. That way I could practice the ascent part of my leg and Ken could get a taste of the downhill section of his leg.

Although we got poured on (and hailed on) at the beginning and end of the day, the sun did make an appearance in between.

After having endured the never ending rocks on the Rabbit Lake trail last week, Heather and I found the rocks on Devil's to be a piece of cake. Two weeks ago I was falling and cursing at these rocks and yesterday I did not have to step down once on the way back down. @#$%%, I told you!

Heather noted that Ken and I seemed to be ready for the Soggy Bottom and insisted that we document it...

It's Sunday and I'm off to do my last long run in preparation for Lost Lake. I'm setting out to do about 12 to 13 hard miles in the mountains to simulate the conditions of the race in two weeks. And then, we taper.. ahh. Although if this weather keeps up, tapering will be difficult.