Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Eklutna Challange

I've decided to go race crazy this summer. Signing up for races gets me out of bed early on the weekends and takes me to some cool places I have never been before. Well, this weekend was more of a familiar place. Brian and I raced the Eklutna Challenge this morning, which includes a 3 mile trail run and a 15 mile mountain bike around Eklutna Lake.

Eklutna Lake has been the scene of a few epic trips we have taken. We have biked the 13 mile trail out to the end of the lake many times. Sometimes just to camp out there. Sometimes to start an epic journey. This trail is a gateway to a really beautiful part of the Chugach.

Two years ago we attempted to climb Bold Peak, the giant 7,000 foot monster at the end of the Lake, and failed due to poor planning and lack of time. We woke up at 11am in the cabin out there and did not really understand how massive this mountain was.

Last year, in late April, we got an ATV ride out to the end of the trail to the start of the Eklutna Ski Traverse.

And finally in June of last year, we rode out one night and camped at the base of Bold Peak, making a successful attempt on the summit the next day.

Considering all of these trips, the Eklutna Challenge was not much of a challenge, but a lot of fun! Oddly the 3 mile run was harder for me than the bike. I've been running all winter, and not biking much at all, but my legs just did not seem to want to wake up today on the run. The bike ride included some pretty long gradual hills that I used to struggle with, but today they were easy. Go figure.

Next race is on Tuesday. The Kincaid Tuesday night mountain bike series starts. Then next Saturday is the Government Peak Hill Climb.

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