Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back pain, brain pain

I'm back and ready to blog...

It looks like my goal of a 1:45 half marathon may be squashed. I came out of the chiropractor today at 5pm wondering when I would be able to run without pain again. About a month ago when I was in Ouray I started to get the feeling of shin splints while running, so I immediately backed off for a week. I ran again a week later and the same pain started back up.

So I took two more weeks off. Then I did something really stupid. Instead of easing back into running with a short run, I ran for two hours in the snow. That run occurred on a Sunday and I was still sore that Thursday, four days later, and with some new sensations of impending injuries. I had pain in my back, thigh and the side of my knee. They all seemed to be connected.

Then last week I was walking back to work from the coffee shop and slipped on the ice. My feet flew out from under me, my coffee flew up in the air and I landed on my bum. Hard. Ever since then my back has not been right.

I went to my magical chiropractor, Dr. Dan, who told me it wasn't serious but I seem to have twisted my pelvis and my knee was out of line. He doesn't know if happened as a result of running or from my fall. My knees are always out of line. So he adjusted me and gave me some muscle stem therapy and told me that it would be fine in a few days.

So I don't know how the whole 1:45 half marathon thing is gonna go, but if I don't make it in Vancouver, I have a back up plan. I can always try again at the Mayor's Marathon in June. I can either do the half and try for 1:45 again. Or do the full marathon and try for under 4 hours. For some reason the full marathon seems more doable. The only problem with that is that it's three weeks before Crow Pass and I'm pretty sure my body can't recover that fast yet.

On top of all this I have been working like a dog. I guess I deserve it for thinking I could take a month off. :) Today after I left the chiropractor, I went out to walk with Niko, when my boss called and said I that I need to fix a bug immediately. So I just spent another evening working. I love my job, but these long hours are killing me. I spent 8 hours working on Saturday and Sunday as well. My head hurts.

I found out about this Yoga for Athletes class being held in Anchorage. I think I need to start going next week for stress relief.

Okay, enough whining and let's try and think good thoughts...

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