Monday, August 20, 2007

A well needed break

Brian and I took the weekend off to do some socializing. Summer in Alaska and the perpetual sunshine luring you outside everyday has caused me to neglect my friends. I felt it was time for some catching up. It was perfect timing as our friends Thor and Michelle announced they were inviting over their friend the Sushi Chef and having a little dinner party. Thor is the guy that convinced Brian to move to Alaska. Him and his wife live in this awesome house in the foothills of Anchorage that looks like a big red barn. Well, Sushi (and many, many bottles of sake) turned into a dance party and we ended up crashing at their house. We met some new fun people that live in Anchorage and had an awesome time.

I had forgotten what a bad hangover feels like, but was quickly reminded as I woke up Saturday morning. Needless to say Saturday was a day of watching movies, lying around the house, and feeling guilty because the sun was still shining outside and I wasn't doing my planned activities for the weekend.

Sunday brought more socializing. My friend and ice climbing partner Kim was back from a two or three week vacation and suggested that we do a "Godfather night" at our house. She had found out that our friend Trish has never seen any of the the Godfather movies and was appalled, so we all gathered at my house, made Lasagna, Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and wine and feasted for 9 hours while we proceeded to watch all three of the Godfather movies in a row. At 1 AM Kim even threatened to put in the "Bonus Materials" so I had to kick her out of the house.

All of this cooking and eating and sharing food with people has reminded me how long it has been since I've done this. Growing up I remember all of the feasts we use to have with my family. We'd get together regularly, cook, socialize and eat a big meal together. When I lived in LA for a year, I had 5 roommates and every week or so we would spend all day preparing a big meal for everyone to eat together. I miss doing this, so last night I suggested that we make this a regular thing. Especially now that summer is ending and we will soon be in these in between months of rainy weather cool weather. Besides we need to fatten up for the long winter ahead.

The next month or so is gonna be crazy so I'm trying to not feel too guilty. Next weekend since Brian is tapering for his race, and done training on the bike, we are going to do a longer backpack in the Chugach and try to climb some peaks. The following weekend is the Soggy Bottom 100. The 100 mile mountain bike race that Brian has been training for all summer. I agreed to take pictures at the race and will be supporting Brian so we will be spending all of that weekend in Hope, AK. After that we go to Michigan to visit Brian's brother and than to PA to see for our annual east coast trip. When we get back we have the Mountaineering club Ice climbing festival and that will kick off the season of training for ice climbing.

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