Friday, August 24, 2007

Goodbye to summer

At this time of year in Alaska any warm summer day could be the last that we see for a long time. It happens quickly and somewhat painlessly, but for the last couple of weeks of August you are always wondering if it is going to be the last day of summer. It has been raining every day for a few weeks now in Anchorage. I hate to say it but we've probably not been getting out as much as if it were sunny.

Today we woke up to beautiful weather. It was 65 and sunny. One of those perfect Alaskan days that we enjoy so many times in the summer. I rode my bike to work and took a little longer than normal and got into work at nine. Luckily I work for a great company where they understand. Brian and I both had plans to go for drinks after work but we both agreed that we need to take advantage of this day, because this might be the last one like it.

The sun sets at 9:30 now so we knew we didn't have a ton of time, so we hiked up Flattop. One last hoorah on the mountain that served as my training route earlier in the summer. Because of it's accessibility, Flattop Mountain is the most climbed peak in Alaska. It's also the most climbed peak by me, because I was training on it twice a week for Mt. Marathon.

So this weekend we are most likely saying goodbye to summer. But don't worry, this is where it gets good. Summer is awesome in Alaska, but winter is better. Here are some pictures from the hike today.