Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top six things to consider when entering a race

When selecting a race to participate in here are some of my general guidelines:

1. It should be in a sport that I haven't really trained for in a few months.
2. It should be at a distance that is way over my head for my current fitness level.
3. I should be currently eating very little food as part of a detox diet to rid myself of holiday food and alcohol demons.
4. I should not have a vehicle for which to use in this race.
5. I should put no thought into what it will take to complete the race.
6. It should be THIS SATURDAY.

I just signed up for the Frosty Bottom, which is a 50 or 25 mile Bike/Ski/Run race in Anchorage this Saturday. I randomly chose the 25 mile bike option. Probably because it will be the fastest way to get me to a finish line. It's a very mellow course, but considering that I have ridden once a week for the past two months concerns me a bit. Whatever, I'll figure it out.

I'll be doing the 25 mile version as I cannot stomach an out-and-back course of this distance. Traverse, loop, even lollipop, but not out and back.

Wish me luck! By the way, anyone have a Pugsley I can borrow?

Update: I now have a borrowed Pugsley for the race. Thanks H!


Tim said...

I'm glad you got a Pugsley for the race. I'm just shocked that H would give it up for the day, because she rides it so much!

How did you ever persuade her to skip a ride and give it up for a few hours?

Amber said...

Good Luck!

Hopeful it doesn't turn out to be one of those races that are great until it started to suck ass.